Wood Family History

Wood Family Reunion 2004

The reunion was held on Sunday 7th November 2004 at Norris Bank Reserve Bundoora. As of this date, George and Hilda have 36 grandchildren and 69 great grandchildren. The weather was overcast and it threatened to rain but the atmosphere was bright and all seemed to have enjoyed the day. A total of 71 attended and they were the following:

Eddie WOOD: Dorothy, Brian and Raelene TURNER: Anne , Brendon , Michael, Thomas and Daniel COUCH: Sharon, Vic, Alexa and Georga PRAWDIUK: Lorraine WOOD: Maureen and Chris ROBB: Stephen and Maureen WOOD: Liam and Andrew COLLINS: Sean COLLINS and Trina: Laurie, Trish and Elise WOOD: Helen , Michael, Lesley, Gemma, Jake and Megan BELLMAN: Clare, Matthew and Thomas WENSOR: Barbara and Vic WHITE: Paul, Teresa, Mitchell and James WHITE: Kathleen,Brian, Brent and Rhys WOODHEAD: Teresa, Rick, Michael and Benjamin WOESTYNE: Tony, Dale, Briana and Christian WHITE: John and Pam WOOD: Leanne, Paul and Briana RICHARDS: Margaret and Fred TURNBULL: Mark, Pauline, Patrick, Lachan and Niholas TURNBULL: Tim and Pam TURNBULL: Chris and Melissa TURNBULL: Jane, Jim and Oscar KARAMOSHOS.

Here are some family group photos from the day. Can you recognise these people?

the Whites

the Woods

the Turnbulls

the Turners

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