Reilly Family History

Amos Norcott

Amos Norcott is the father of Amos Godsill Norcott

amos and his mother
Painting of Henrietta Gordon and her son Amos. painting by Alexander Pope.

Amos was born about 1752 in Sligo, Ireland.

He married in about 1778 also in Sligo, Ireland, Henrietta Gordon. Henrietta was born 7th May 1757 in Sligo, Ireland. Henrietta's father was Robert Gordon, born about 1720 in New Grove, Cork, Ireland. Her mother was Anne Cunninghame, born about 1726 also in New Grove, County Cork. Robert and Anne were married about 1745, in Cork, Ireland.

From "An exhibition of 18th-21st Century Irish Paintings". Gorry Gallery (2012):

"Henrietta first marrried a Lietenant Norcott and sebsequently James Nathaniel Taylor of Borton, Berkshire."



Henrietta's father Robert Gordon and her mother Anne Cunninghame
Painting of Henrietta's father Robert Gordon and her mother Anne Cunninghame. painting by Alexander Pope.

Henrietta's sister Jean Gordon.
Painting of Henrietta's sister Jean Gordon. painting by Alexander Pope.