Mason Family History

Herbert Alec Mason

Born: 1945
Herbert Mason & Helene McPhee


Herbie was born in 1945. He served in the Australian Army (service no. 37842) in Vietnam. Unit Names: 1st Armoured Squadron Workshop, 1st Independent Armoured Squadron Workshop. First marriage to Gloria Joy Thompson, married in 1967.  They had two children from this marriage, Jennifer Ann Mason and Brett Mason. His second marriage was to Teresa Anne Thornton, married in 1990, and they have one child, Madison Clare Mason.

Australian Day Award, 2009

Herbie was awarded the Whittlessea City Citizen of the Year Award in 2009. Herbie was acknowledged for refurbishing Epping RSL facilities such as the expansion of the bistro restaurant, the bowling greens and children playgrounds. He was also the driving force behind the RSL’s social activities for the elderly. The award description included the following taken from the City of Whittlesea website:

"Mr Mason revitalised the Epping RSL when it was struggling financially due to lack of membership.  He instigated redevelopment of facilities and services, which has resulted to a significant growth in membership and patronage, for example, the building of the bowling green facility, expansion of bistro restaurant and playground for children.  These facilities are now open and being used by members, non-members and their families.

As President of the Epping RSL for the last eight years, Mr Mason has been very hands-on, i.e. doing work around the club that includes repairs and maintenance of ground and building, etc.  His typical week also includes attending birthdays, anniversaries and funerals for senior citizens in the City of Whittlesea.  He also attends primary and secondary schools araising awareness by talking about the significance of ANZAC to young people.

His biggest achievements include the provision of social activities for the elderly who would otherwise have nowhere to go.  He has also turned the use of the Epping RSL club from a facility for RSL members only to a community-based club as it is now.

In recognition of Mr Mason’s leadership in the RSL, he had been awarded a Life membership in the following:

• Club Life membership on 29 September 2004  (Epping RSL)
• RSL Life membership on 5 December 2007 (Anzac House)

• Mr Mason was the Chairperson for the Australia Day Committee in the City of Whittlesea for a number of years until 2005.

In summary, Mr Mason is a tireless welfare, social and community worker, and an active fundraiser for hospitals and donating funds to schools.

He is a community leader who actively organises, run and participates in organisations that benefit people in the City of Whittlesea community."

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