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William Gladman & Rhoda Hurst





They had the following 16 children. Most of their children married and had large families of their own. Four of the sons married four Morgan sisters. They were daughters of James Morgan and Elizabeth Davi[e]s, originally from Cardiff, Wales. Their 13th child, John Gladman is our direct ancestor.

  1. Thomas Gladman, b. 17 Apr 1833 in Green Point, Tasmania.

  2. Elizabeth Ann Gladman, b. 19 Dec 1834 in Bridgewater, TAS, d. 9 May 1927 in Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, VIC.  She married Isaac Boddington, married 16 March 1852 in Church of Scotland, Geelong, Victoria.

  3. Sarah Ann Gladman, b. 19 Jul 1836 in Green Point, TAS.  She married Thomas Brown, married 1854.

  4. Samuel Gladman, b. 14 Jul 1838 in Hobart, TAS.  He married (1) Mary Jane Mockridge, married 31 Jul 1859.  He married (2) Victoria Leake, married 18 May 1897.

  5. William Gladman, b. 27 Mar 1840 in Hobart, TAS, d. 8 Aug 1919 in Winchelsea, VIC, buried 9 Aug 1919 in Winchelsea Cemetery, VIC.  He married Jane Alsop, married 28 Aug 1872, b. 26 Dec 1841 in Tasmania, AUS, (daughter of John Alsop and Leah Hurst) d. 28 Jan 1887 in Geelong, VIC.

  6. Frederick Gladman, b. 1842 in Bridgewater, TAS.  He married Ruth Matilda Bray, married 14 June 1864 in Winchelsea, VIC.

  7. Alfred Gladman, b. 1842 in Bridgewater, TAS.  He married Ann Elizabeth Dickeson, on 28 Aug 1866 in Muston's Creek, VIC.

  8. Emma Gladman, b. 9 May 1843 in Bridgewater, TAS, d. 17 Nov 1847 in Hobart, TAS.

  9. Mary Gladman, b. 9 Oct 1844 in TAS, d. 17 Aug 1922 in Winchelsea, VIC, buried in Winchelsea Cemetery, VIC.  She married Thomas Hole, on 14 Jun1864 in St. Thomas's Church of England, Winchelsea, VIC, b. 15 Nov 1836 in Glastonbury, Somerset, ENG, d. 2 Sep 1917 in Geelong, VIC, buried in Winchelsea Cemetery, VIC.

  10. Joseph Henry Gladman, b. 2 Aug 1847 in TAS.  He married Angelina Morgan, married 1 Mar 1872 in St. Thomas's Church of England, Winchelsea, VIC, (daughter of unknown Morgan).

  11. Henry Gladman, b. 14 May 1848 in Launceston, TAS, d. 1910, buried in Yaugher Cemetery, Forrest, VIC.  He married Margaret Morgan, on 2 Jul 1872 in St. Thomas's Church of England, Winchelsea, VIC, (daughter of unknown Morgan).

  12. Charles Gladman, b. 1849 in Launceston, TAS, d. 5 May 1888 in Birregurra, VIC.  He married Sarah Jane Morgan, on 9 Aug 1875 in Winchelsea, VIC, (daughter of unknown Morgan).

  13. John Gladman, b. 19 February 1851 in Corio, VIC

  14. James Gladman, b. 5 Mar 1853 in Winchelsea, VIC, d. 1 Aug 1924 in Winchelsea, VIC, buried 3 Aug 1924 in Winchelsea Cemetery, VIC.  He married Mary Alsop, married 1880 in Geelong, VIC, b. 22 Sep 1851 in Winchelsea, VIC, (daughter of John Alsop and Leah Hurst) d. 8 Mar 1924 in Winchelsea, VIC, buried 9 Mar 1924 in Winchelsea Cemetery, VIC.

  15. Robert Leslie Gladman, b. 7 Mar 1855 in Winchelsea, VIC, d. 4 May 1929 in Warrnambool, VIC.  He married Rose Mary Morgan, married 20 April 1880 in Winchelsea, VIC, (daughter of unknown Morgan).

  16. Eliza Ann Gladman, b. 4 Jun 1858 in Winchelsea, VIC, d. 19 Jul 1941 in Richmond, VIC.  She married William Charles Bennett, married 4 Jun 1878 in St. Thomas's Church of England, Winchelsea, VIC, b. 7 Aug 1855 in Port Fairy, VIC, d. 26 Jul 1928 in Winchelsea, VIC.


William Gladman was born Norton Folgate, London, around 1802 (possibly 1801), son of Samuel and Elizabeth Ann Gladman.

William was tried at Middlesex Gaol on 20 Feburary 1822 for the theft of material from Benjamin Hull of Stepney, Middlesex and sent for seven years transportation. At the time he was living with his mother, a washer woman, at Kingsland Road, and his trade was an Errand boy with a cart, working for John Kimbley, of Shoreditch, near London. He was described as, 20 years of age, 5' 1 3/4" in height with light brown hair and eyes.

Below is from the The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18220220-191, "WILLIAM GLADMAN, theft : simple grand larceny, 20th February, 1822." (retrieved from in Aug 2007)

514. WILLIAM GLADMAN was indicted for stealing, on the 22d of February, two yards of canvass, value 1 s., and one sack, value 1 s., the goods of Benjamin Hull.

ROBERT CHRISTIAN . I am an officer of Mile End. On Sunday morning, at quarter past six o'clock, I saw the prisoner and another lad at the back of Hull's house; the other one got over the rail, and handed something over to the prisoner, who put it in a bag - the other ran off. I secured the prisoner with the bag, containing the sack and canvass.

BENJAMIN HULL . They are mine; I lost them out of my garden on the 22d of February.

Prisoner's Defence. I found them.

GUILTY. Aged 20.

Transported for Seven Years.
First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

William's convict number was 29208 (conduct record CON31/15, muster roll CS01/403/9100). He was on the "Retribution" hulk at Sheerness before being transported on the 26th of April 1823 to Van Diemans Land, departing England aboard the "Commodore Hayes", arriving at Hobart Town on the 16th of August 1823. The voyage took 112 days, and 3 of the 219 male convicts aboard died at sea.

William married Rhoda Hurst, on 29th Apr 1834 in Brighton, Tasmania (Church of England).

Rhoda was born 18th Dec 1815 at Wootton, Bedfordshire, England. Baptism 21st Apr 1816 in Wootton, Bedfordshire. Her father William Hurst was a convict.

William and Rhoda were to have 16 children in all (details above). The first twelve of their children were born in Tasmania. Sometime between 1849 and 1851, the family sailed from Tasmania to Victoria, making their home in Winchelsea, 23 miles west of Geelong. Here the other four children were born.

William died on the 12th December 1885 in Winchelsea, and is buried at Winchelsea Cemetery. The cause of his death was "Cirrhosis Hepatitis", of which he is thought to have suffered from for the final couple of his years. His wife Rhoda died 11 years later on the 6th April 1894 at Winchelsea, and both are buried at the Winchelsea Cemetery.

There is a Gladman Street in Winchelsea, and considering the large number of Gladmans that were born there it is very likely named after someone in the family.


william gladman book launch


A book about William Charles Gladman was written by Valmae Davenport, first published in 2016. There was a Gladman get together on the 7 August 2016 at The Globe Theatre 17-19 Willis street, Winchelsea, Victoria, 11am - 4pm, which was also the book launch. It is a large A4 size.


The William Gladman Story

william gladman story

Author: Valmae Davenport
ISBN: 978 0 9586993 6 5
Date: 1/6/2016

Author Valmae Davenport, about The William Gladman Story, writes:

“This book has been in the making for over 20 years and every effort has been made to ensure information in this family history story is true. The information has been provided by various Gladman family members and legal historical recorded resources available to the public …

“Hopefully, I leave this as an historical record of a most remarkable family who managed to create a society of their own in a new land, Australia, in times of ignorance, intolerance, mind numbing poverty, wars, famine and depression. These pioneers turned adversity into success. They lived full and happy lives, raised children, who married and had their own children …”

more details